“Throughout the process of finding, buying and restoring our home we found both Steve and Karen to be professional, passionate, knowledgeable and always helpful.  We have enjoyed the process hugely and without reservation would be happy to recommend them.”

ML – Hampshire

What was the client brief?

Our client initially wanted a waterfront property on the shores of Lake Lugano but was unable to find anything suitably historic in a tranquil enough location. We suggested they consider Lake Como as an alternative as we felt confident it was possible to find the type of property they were looking for through our contacts in the area.

What is the history of the property?

Thanks to our local connections we were able to secure an off-market, private sale of two small fishermen’s cottages set on the waterfront in an historic Lake Como Borgo. Although individually the cottages comprised of a number of small rooms with tiny windows, there was plenty of potential for conversion into a charming family home. And the combination of tranquillity, gorgeous views and private mooring for boats only added to the appeal

Design elements

By joining both houses and designing an open-plan layout we created a single spacious home. Then we further enhanced the light, airy appearance by installing French doors and large windows facing on to the lake. And, to stay true to the cottage-like heritage of the property, we rebuilt its original, wisteria-draped pergola.

What challenges did we need to overcome?

Delightful as the property would eventually be we had quite a few issues with access. For a start it was only possible to bring vehicles within 150 metres of the cottages so building materials had to be carried sizeable distances on foot throughout the restoration. And at one point, beams were even brought onto site by helicopter as they proved too large for the narrow passageway

What were the project timescales?

Although the planning process took two months we were able to begin interior work as soon as the sale was finalised. As a result, the entire property conversion was completed within a year and all exterior work and garden landscaping only added another two months to the project.