Creating beautiful homes for more than 20 years

For over 20 years Fervidus White have specialised in designing, rebuilding and restoring beautiful properties for clients throughout Europe and the UK. In the past two decades we’ve restored ancient churches and worked on medieval castles, transformed historic villas into opulent residences, rebuilt ruined Tuscan olive mills and revived grand country estates. And we have worked with clients to create everything from stunning private houses and second homes to boutique hotels and remarkable rental properties.


People choose Fervidus White because we look at the big picture on every project. We find creative solutions where others see only complications. We effortlessly take care of all elements, from major building work right down to details like interior paint colours. And we also collaborate with exceptional artisans so we’re able to custom-create the perfect set of skills and trades to match any property project, no matter how complex.


But, most important of all, we are easy to work with and still as passionate about realising our clients’ dreams as we were when we restored our very first historic ruin in Umbria more than 20 years ago

Our Philosophy

At Fervidus White we believe in sympathetic design and think it’s vital to respect the integrity, age and character of any property. But we also feel it’s just as important to listen to our clients, get to know them and understand their lives. This blend of heritage craftsmanship and contemporary design, combined with creativity is a signature theme in all our projects.


We’re also firmly committed to conservation and wherever possible we strive to work only with natural, sustainable materials. And, as we’re lucky enough to have excellent contacts all over Europe, we have excellent sources for reclaimed materials and period features such as antique flooring and beams or rarities like medieval fireplaces. 

Providing the Team of Artisans

For more than 20 years Fervidus White have worked on remarkable projects all over Europe and the UK. We’ve developed a wide range of experience along the way, grown an enviable in-house skill base and collaborated with many of Europe’s finest artisan and craftsmen, artists, architects, engineers and designers. Today our contact book reads like a Who’s Who of extraordinary talent. So whatever the scale, complexity or location of your project we know the best people to realise every element beautifully, from major construction right down to the most minute interior details. One of the reasons clients like working with Fervidus White is our ability to make the journey from idea to end result effortless, engaging and enjoyable. And the expert professionals we collaborate with are part of the reason that smooth process is possible.

The Start 

Over the years we’ve worked on restoration projects ranging in scale from grand villas on Lake Como to an Oak framed orangery in Sussex. Occasionally our clients have clear plans, but more often they bring  their dreams and ideas for us to realise. At Fervidus White we’re creative thinkers, but also immensely practical and highly skilled at coming up with cohesive design solutions for even the largest projects. We’ve yet to come across a property puzzle we couldn’t solve; often to the delighted amazement of our clients (‘I never thought of that’, are words we hear a lot). And of course it helps that we know the best people for every task whether it’s handcrafting the perfect kitchen, designing a swimming pool, creating a gorgeous garden on a tricky hillside or restoring fragile frescoes. Because we’re passionate about what we do, we’re always easy to work with and great communicators. We never lose sight of the personal aspect of any project or forget we’re creating something that’s central to your life. And while we’re tremendously sympathetic to heritage and tradition, first and foremost we focus on creating beautiful homes which reflect our client’s unique personality and lifestyle just as much as the age and character of the property itself.  

“Their absolute professionalism ensured our peace of mind… and they were fun to work with!”

NB - Oxfordshire

“It was clear from our first conversation that we had found someone who understood exactly what we were looking for– and who could do something about it for us.”


Search. Find. Build Beautifully.