For more than 20 years clients all over Europe and the UK have trusted Fervidus White to find, restore, renovate, rebuild and redesign their properties. 

There isn’t a skill-set we can’t supply, an area of expertise we don’t cover or a problem we’re unable to solve.

But above all we create beautiful spaces where people come home to live, work and play

Completed projects

Over the past 20 years Fervidus White have restored, rebuilt and redesigned  properties all over Europe and the UK ranging from country farmhouses to medieval castles and historic Italian villas. Take a look at our portfolio to see if we’re the right partners for your next project.

Current Projects

 Find out what Fervidus White are working on at the moment, who we’re working with and what future building projects we’ve planned. It might be the inspiration you’re looking for to get in touch and talk to us about your property plans


At Fervidus White we see the grand scheme without ever losing sight of the tiniest details. That’s why our interiors are exceptional and clients trust us with every aspect of designing their homes from handcrafting kitchens to sourcing vintage door handles, restoring frescoes or even simply finding the perfect paint colour.  Click here to view our sister company Fervesque