Having decided upon Italy as the country for you, you will now be considering how to approach this exciting, but potentially daunting project.

This is where the services of Fervidus White come in. We have the experience, know how and passion to crystallise and implement your every idea. We can help you achieve your goal in a smooth, efficient and uncomplicated way, without destroying the fun, creativity and excitement that should go with a venture like this.

We work with you and for you, tailoring our approach to meet your personal needs and requirements.


We have many years experience in locating properties that match a client's specific needs. We pride ourselves on being able to find that exquisite property, that gem that everyone else is looking for. It may not be a gem today, but we have the foresight and skills to understand how it can become exactly what you want it to be. Utilising our extensive network of local contacts we are able to unearth the very best properties that are currently available in Lake Como, Tuscany/Umbria and along the Italian coast.

With our knowledge, experience and skills, we can give you a realistic understanding and assessment of the property's suitability, price and condition. Nobody wants surprises at a later date, so having this clarity in the early stages makes for a much more enjoyable and structured project.


Our work has won numerous prestigious international awards. We concentrate on delivering designs that complement an existing building - blending modern day needs and comforts with the character and beauty of each location. We listen to and understand our clients' needs and work together to deliver projects of substance. Utilising the skill of the local artisans and the beautiful locally sourced raw materials, we create outstanding and individual solutions.

Most people who view our completed properties comment on the elegant, light and airy design. We achieve this by considering the design and flow of all areas and by a careful mix of modern and antique furniture that enhances the natural features of the existing structure.


We have overseen and project-managed many restorations. Well thought out and creative solutions, combined with effective communication and early problem resolution are paramount.

Liaising between the client, the project's professionals and the various tradesmen, we ensure that the completed property meets our exacting standards of design, quality and build.

Many of the craftsmen, artisans and stonemasons have worked with us for a considerable number of years, and their skills and dedication are evident in many of our completed projects.